How to wear clip on earrings?

Don't have pierced ears? No problem! Many CS Atelier earrings are customizable with invisible clips or screw back clips. To find out if the earrings you like are compatible, do not hesitate to contact me. If possible, I will be happy to make it especially for you!


Invisible clip-ons are made of resin. They merge with your skin color, which makes them particularly discreet. They will really give a pierced look to your earrings! These thin and delicate clips are perfect for people who are allergic to metals as well as those who have thin or normal earlobes. These are available with a silver, gold or rose gold finish and I only use these clip-ons for my very light earrings.

How to wear invisible clip-ons?

These clip-ons are flexible and soft, so these must be handled carefully (to not be widened). To wear them, spread the invisible clip very slightly apart to place it on the side of your ear, where your lobe is the thinnest [1] as in the photo. Then, gently slide the clip-on down your lobe to put it in place[2].

★  Screw back clip-ons

These clip-ons are solid, durable, made of high quality rhodium plated over brass and recommanded for normal or thicker earlobes. Being able to increase or decrease the tension of the clip at any time makes them really comfortable to wear all day long! 

How to wear screw back clip-ons?

It's easy! Simply loosen the back screw to the maximum, gently open the clip and then place it on your earlobe. Once in place, simply close the clip-on and tighten the back screw according to your preferences.

★  Some tips

Clip-on earrings are more likely to move during the day than pierced earrings. Therefore, I recommand not wearing these when you play sports and to check that the clip-ons stays in place when you try on clothes or remove your scarf for example. But once you start wearing clip-on earrings, it will quickly become a reflex! :)