about me & Nahla

Hello and welcome! My name is Caroline. Each piece of jewelry is dreamed and made by me in my belgian workshop with the support of my wonderful dog Nahla. I have a degree in finance and I worked for several years in this area so nothing really predestined me for my current activity. Except that... I have always been interested in crafts and arts, graphic and interior design, slow fashion, color associations and many more. I'm also a huge animal lover and I always try to improve my ecological footprint to preserve our environment. So in 2017, I decided to work on my own and I launched my jewelry brand "CS Atelier". My creations are constantly evolving according to my learning and my desires. I hope you enjoy my singular and poetic universe. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact me, I speak french and english. Thank you for visiting!


Animal welfare is such an important cause for me that I decided to donate every year a part of CS Atelier's profits to several associations who are commited to helping, rescuing and protecting animals. By buying any piece of my jewelry, you make this help possible so thanks a lot for them! ♥

about my jewelry & care instructions

All my jewelry is handmade with love and care from quality materials for better durability. I work with gemstones, freshwater pearls, austrian crystals, sterling silver (925 silver), stainless steel and 14K Gold Filled (a high quality gold plating on brass: gold filled jewelry has a much thicker gold coat than gold plated jewelry). My jewelry packaging is based on recycled paper with a plastic resealable pouch. To preserve my creations from oxidation, I recommend you to store these in their pouch, away from sunlight, in a dry and temperate place. Avoid to put the earrings or necklaces in direct contact with liquids or cosmestics. Sterling silver jewelry oxidizes naturally when not worn everyday but it's very easy to clean it with a soft cloth. Please be also aware that my creations are not toys and must be kept out of reach of babies and young children to avoid choking hazard. For more information about any piece I made, please read the full description of the item online.